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Current Needs and Donations

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Your donations support the essential work of our dedicated JHVFD.

Jasper Highlands is serviced by a volunteer fire department.  Each home and property owner pays an annual fee for operating costs for JHVFD, which includes the trucks, uniforms, training and other necessities.  

Donations and fundraising monies go toward purchasing additional needed items for the Fire Department, and supporting other activities conducted by the Auxiliary.

There are several ways to donate, and all forms are much appreciated!

The fire department maintains a list of currently needed items.  These are the items the Auxiliary focuses on when conducting fundraising activities.  Reach out to a member of the Fire Department or Auxiliary if you are interested in purchasing one of these items.

ItemEstimate EachAmtSubtotal
Blitzfire Monitor w/nozzle5,035.003$15,105.00
RIT Pack (Rescue)3,500.003$10,500.00
Generator to power Station 130,000.001$30,000.00
5″ hose 662.0028$18,536.00
Battery Powered Extrication System35,000.001$35,000.00
SCBA Bottles1,100.004$4,400.00

Anyone wishing to donate to our Jasper Highlands Volunteer Fire Department can make a check payable to JHVFD Auxiliary, and mail it to:

  Jasper Highlands Volunteer Fire Department Auxiliary
  c/o Anna Johnson, Treasurer
  170 Hovering Hawk Dr.
  Jasper, TN  37347  

Upon receipt of your check, a receipt will be forwarded to you for tax purposes. The department is a 501(c) 3 and your donations are tax deductible.

In 2021 JHVFD purchased $134,580 worth of supplies and equipment for the fire department.  This included:


ItemEstimate EachSubtotal
Equipment for Engine 3$18,000$18,000
3 — Multi-gas detector$1,350$4,050.00
2 — 1 ½” nozzles $520$1,040.00
6 — Wildland Gear$650$3,900.00
6 — Structural Gear $3,000$18,000.00
3 — K Tool$175$525.00
12 — SCBA (replacement)$7,000$84,000.00
3 — Rescue Saw – Battery operated$1,150$3,450.00
3 — Ventilation Chainsaw – Battery operated$885$2,655.00
6 — Sawzall – Battery operated$200$1,200.00